A legacy of caring honoring the memory of Pam Lindow...

The Pam Lindow Scholarship was started after the untimely death of Pamela Lindow on December 14, 1988.  Pam was a 1986 Nevis School graduate who died in a car accident. The scholarship fund was established in her memory. 

The scholarship fund distributes nine scholarships each year. There is also a Pam Lindow Scholarship Honor Loan which is awarded to all students graduating from Nevis Public School who have attended Nevis School for their sophomore through senior years or their parents own a business in Nevis. 

The scholarships are funded through local fundraising efforts such as golf tournament, fishing tournament, donations, and dinners.



To assist students in the pursuit of a postsecondary education.



This foundation continues to grow thanks to dedicated volunteers and financial support from community donations.


Nevis-Pam Lindow Foundation Dollars for Scholars

Nevis, Minnesota